Whistle-blowers generally have a very rough deal in India. Government is known to abandon them without providing the adequate security that is required by them to continue their work and dig out the truth. The latest victim of the violence against the watchdogs is 25-year-old Sundar Singh, who was found hanging in his apartment, yesterday. According to police, Singh was fighting relentlessly against kidney transplant mafia in Mumbai.


Police haven’t found any suicide note, but prima facie, denies any possibility of foul play as financial stress and domestic issues may have led to Singh taking the extreme step. Singh’s information had busted a racket on July 14, 2016, when police barged inside the operation theatre of Hiranandani Hospital and stopped a Kidney transplant and arrested the CEO and five doctors. The tip-off was provided by an activist who had got the information from Singh. Singh then had several documents to show the agent-doctor nexus because Singh himself had donated his Kidney in March 2016 and was cheated by the agent. The story was done by ETHealthWorld.Click Here: new zealand rugby team jerseys