Haas’ Guenther Steiner says Formula 1’s aerodynamic rule changes for 2019 could alter its development plans for next season.

Last week, the F1 Commission voted through a series of changes for 2019 destined to help improve overtaking that include a wider, simpler front wing and a wider, deeper rear wing to enhance the impact of the DRS.

Before the amendment to the regulations was passed, Haas intended on developing its current VF-18 car right into 2019, but the changes will likely require the outfit to head into a whole different direction with design partner Dallara according to Steiner.

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“Now that they’re throwing in this new aero regulation for 2019, we maybe need to change our plan,” said the Italian in the team’s Spanish Grand Prix preview.

“Those decisions will be made in the next week. The original plan was to develop this car better, because it could be an evolution for next year.

“At the moment, I still have to speak to the guys back in Italy to see how we do best. We haven’t had time to talk it through yet.

“For small teams like us, it is not an advantage to get a new technical regulation for next year so late. We will do our best, but it will not be easy.”

Haas has been battling at the head of the mid-field this season thanks to a step up in performance of its 2018 car. Its car’s speed hasn’t been matched by tangible results however as bad luck and a series of avoidable mishaps deprived Haas of big points.

“We just need to execute,” said Steiner.

“The car is capable at any track to get into the points. We just need to execute and we need a little bit of luck.

“As much as I don’t believe in being unlucky, I wouldn’t call us lucky this year. A little bit of luck, and good execution, which we’ve shown we can do, and the car is there.

“At the moment, we could do it any weekend, we just need to get all the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted.”

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