It was a showdown months in the making. Amy Schumer’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud—in which she takes on the one-and-only Kelly Clarkson and her friends—finally aired on Sunday night.

The Snatched actress announced that the Schumer clan would be competing on the beloved show during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers back in March. “I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life,” she told Meyers breathlessly.

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“Everybody was so into it. I didn’t have to twist anybody’s arm,” Schumer continued. “Except my sister was so serious about it. We were all excited, like, ‘It’s going to be fun!’ And she’s like, ‘We are wasting time between practicing right now.'”

ABC/Eric McCandless

Schumer, who told Meyers that competing on Family Feud has always been a lifetime dream of hers, didn’t mess around. She and her sister Kim and her husband, and her brother Jason and his wife even wore matching varsity jackets for the game.

Predictably, Schumer had plenty of NSFW answers. For example, when host Steve Harvey asked the funny girl to “name something a wife might do to her bald husband’s head in the bedroom?” Schumer replied saying, “Push it down!” This drew laughs from both teams (especially Clarkson), as well as Harvey.

In the end, it was team Schumer and their lucky jackets who proved victorious.

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Watch Schumer twist one seemingly PG question (and Clarkson’s reaction) above.

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