Aro Lucha is set to have its first-ever live event in January coming off the back of its first ever television taping, which was well received.

Aro Lucha’s head writer, Konnan, has announced that the promotions first live event will take place on /20/18 in Lubbock, Texas at the Fair Park Coliseum On The Fairgrounds.

According to the report by the, another live event could be announced later on today.

Will Ospreay’s List Of Dream Opponents

Popular British independent star, Will Ospreay has created a Cody Rhodes style list of wrestlers he would like to face in 2018. The list compromises worldwide talents who Ospreay has never wrestled before.

2018. These matches have never happened. Please let’s make them happen.

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— ウィル・オスプレイ (@WillOspreay) December 13, 2017

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