Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) hit a home run with the introduction of the original Stability Putter shaft. Now, to build on that success it is introducing the Stability Tour which offers the same massive boost in putter performance, with improved feel and looks.

Stability Shaft Technology Recap

The principle behind the BGT Stability Shaft is that by increasing the stiffness and reducing the torque of the putter shaft you reduce club head twisting and greatly increase putts made percentage, especially on mishits. Of course, using a higher MOI putter design helps with that, but there is still an inherent flaw—what happens when you’re using 2019 putter technology with 1950s steel shaft technology? Less than ideal results.

We featured the original BGT Stability on GolfWRX earlier this year when I had the chance to do a fitting with VP of R&D Blair Philip (BGT’s Stability putter shaft: Real numbers, real improvement). As someone with experience using the Quintic Putting fitting system and the information it produces, I was extremely impressed with the performance benefits the Stability Shaft offered me.

So where does the new Stability Tour improve vs the original Stability? By taking player feedback from the original and tweaking the design to offer the same technological advantage and putting it into a more player-preferred package.

The Tour Difference

As much as the original is loved by those who put it into play, the biggest deterrent that kept golfers from making the switch was the looks—and BGT took on the challenge to improve it!

The original Stability had a consistent diameter of .600″ all the way from the shaft transition adapter to the butt end. .600″ is the standard butt diameter for must shafts on the market including irons and driver shafts, but having the .600″ run the entire length makes the shaft appear oversized compared to standard putter shafts and creates a very noticeable transition from the graphite portion to the steel at the bottom.

The new Stability Tour has a slow consistent outside diameter taper from .600″ at the butt to just over .520″ at the tip, .080″ might not seem like a big difference, until you understand just how sensitive the human eye is to detecting measurements and recognizing parallel lines. This small change makes a huge difference to how the shaft appears at address.

With this change in the specs of the outside diameter, a lot of other things had to change on the inside too. The construction of the Original shaft and its four parts can be seen below:

The new Stability Tour uses 30 percent more graphite to reinforce the shaft and no longer uses the aluminum insert to create the extra rigidity. When talking with Blair Philip about the construction of the Stability Tour, the new shaft is actually stiffer and stronger than the previous versions but offers better feel, and here’s how

Graphite wall thickness: By increasing the wall thickness of the Tour, it reduces the acoustic vibration potential and makes it sound and feel softer. Think if a crash symbol vs a solid block of steel—it’s an extreme example but the symbol is going to be a lot louder when hit with the same force because it’s thinner and has the potential of vibrate more. You add in the inherent vibration dampening properties of the material (graphite) itself, and you have a shaft that sounds softer, feels better, and keeps the ball online more often.

Balance point: The other element for feel is the balance point of the shaft. The new Stability offers a balance point much more inline with a traditional steel shaft vs. the original Stability. This means that for players used to a specific weight feel (swing weight) of their putter before re-shafting, this can eliminate one variable for the converting player.

When all of these changes are combined together into the new Stability Tour putter shaft, you get the same benefits of the original in a smaller, sleeker, player-preferred package.

For more information check out BGT’s Website:,  and you can see what our members are saying in the GolfWRX Member testing thread here: BGT Stability Tour, GolfWRX Member Testing Thread