Don’t worry: Busy Philipps is gonna be fine.

Over the weekend, the I Feel Pretty star rushed to the hospital after falling to the ground while grabbing a post-workout Starbucks and injuring her knee. In true Philipps form, she chronicled the entire ordeal on social media. While it’s unclear what, exactly, led to her tumble (Did someone trip her? Was there a banana peel on the floor? Maybe her shoes were untied?), she took to Instagram stories to provide an update on Saturday.

“You guys, I like just, super brutally fell to the ground in the street. It was horrible,” she said, according to People. “Like, I’m going to start crying. I don’t know what happened.”

Philipps regularly keep her fans updated on life’s mundane moments, so it’s not surprising she gave us a detailed account of the action. “I was walking and then I was kind of, like, walking around a parking meter and then I fell off the curb and like flew into the street and all these people like, came rushing up,” she said, adding that her knee wasn’t the only casualty of the fall. Turns out, she spilled her drink, too.

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“I said to the [Starbucks] guy, ‘The only thing more humiliating than the fact that I just fell into the street is that I destroyed my new Starbucks. Will you give me another one?’ He said ok.” Let’s just hope it wasn’t a Frappucino, because those are expensive.

According to Us Weekly, she also said that her “knee hurts really bad,” adding, “I might have really f—ed up my knee.” Thankfully, everything appears to be fine, and she posted a follow-up photo of herself at the hospital.

“So on brand it hurts. But really. It f——ing hurts,” she wrote on Instagram. “My knee isn’t broken! But the orthopedist wants me to get an MRI next week since it’s the same knee I have a pin in-(and he wants me to use crutches).”

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In the comments, celebrities like Selma Blair, Constance Zimmer, Lena Dunham, and, surprisingly, Spencer Pratt chimed in. “Wait get better ASAP! You gotta hit the party and the club with @kellyoxford and the gang tonight,” he wrote.

Ironically, Philipps is in the middle of promoting her new memoir, aptly titled, This Will Only Hurt a Little. Her public relations team would be wise to release an updated version with a chapter on the knee drama.