New for 2020, Cobra Golf launches the SpeedZone fairway woods—and I believe they will get a very positive response.

One topic that always piques my interest during the launch season is to see how the OEMs will transfer driver head technology into fairways. It’s always more of a complicated issue, as you have about half the runway to work with, but the expectations from the consumer are the same. It needs to be fast, launch high, not spin, and look good—no easy task, even for the wizards in the R&D lab.

With the introduction of the new 2020 SpeedZone fairway woods, Cobra Golf stayed consistent with this endeavor. From where I sit, they have always made a good looking fairway wood, and over the past few years have had a couple of unicorns (F6 and F7 respectively) that are hard to get out of people’s bags. The 2020 Cobra SpeedZone series will, in my opinion, replace those old trustys (one model in particular).

Let’s talk about what we’ve got.

Like its big brother, the 2020 Cobra Golf SpeedZone fairway woods have hot zones built-in. This design offers a golf club that launches high, spins just enough, has a good amount of pop, and looks incredible.


ZONE 1: THE POWER ZONE: Like years past, Cobra Golf has planted its flag in the CNC-milled face fairway wood. Now, unlike the driver, the milling does not bleed into the crown. However, the milling ensures not only a consistent face, but it also allows Cobra to deliver a face that is thin across the face without sacrificing feel or acoustics.

ZONE 2: THE FLEX and STABILITY ZONE: One of the features I have always loved about Cobra woods is its Dual Baffler rail technology. In this case, it’s been modified to serve a couple of functions. In the front rails, the walls have been thinned a bit to add a little more reflection for ball speed and of course, the baffler serves as the ultimate rudder to insure solid turf interaction and chew through a tight lie.  

ZONE 3: THE LIGHT ZONE: Like the driver, carbon fiber has been increased to the crown to save weight (10 grams) and added the weight to the bottom and rear of the golf club lowering CG.

As with all Cobra woods, the new 2020 Cobra fairway woods come equipped with MyFly adapters to tune in ball flight preferences.



Head volume: 167cc (3-wood), 156cc (5-wood), and 153cc (7-wood)

Face height: 27.6 mm

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Classic shaping in a modern package. It’s a shallow face (but not too shallow) and the carbon fiber crown gives it a sleek look.


Not as thumpy as the driver but still a nice solid feel and sound.

SpeedZone Tour

Head volume: 148cc (3-wood), 145cc (5-wood)

Face height: 28.55 mm

  • Cobra SpeedZone fairway woods (in-hand pics)


Better player profile. Built to manipulate the golf ball off of any lie, up, down, left, right. Not necessarily built for distance, this fairway wood does have low launch/low spin characteristics, but ultimately, it’s a precision tool.


Nice dead head feel and sound for those looking for a heavy hit. This is not the most forgiving fairway out there. Like a forged blade, you are sacrificing forgiveness for workability. Better players will have no problem with that. The shiny carbon crown is a new touch and an improvement on the F9 Tour.

Speed Zone Big Tour

Head volume: 173cc (3-wood)

Face height: 31.2 mm


This is the crown jewel of the fairway line. The Big Tour has the biggest thumbprint of the line but also carries with it the best look and most versatility. It has a deeper face, a longer head face-to-back, and it just looks like it wants to fly. It’s an awesome looking golf club, and in my opinion, will be the sleeper of the better player fairway class in 2020.


The closest to the driver in this category. It has a heavy head feel and the acoustics give you that dead thump that better players prefer. The Baffler Rails are missing from the sole to move that weight elsewhere which is not a minus. The Big Tour is built for high launch/low spin bombs off the tee and the fairway.

OVERALL: It’s a really solid lineup for fairways. The new 2020 Cobra SpeedZone fairway woods will entice all golfers at all levels. This line has something for everyone.

Specs and Pricing Provided by Cobra Golf

MSRP USA $279 (all models)


3-wood  13 o, 13.5 o, 13.5 o Draw, 14.5 o, 14.5 o Draw, 15.5 o, 15.5 o Draw, 16 o 
5-wood  17 o, 17.5 o, 17.5 o Draw, 18.5 o, 18.5 o Draw, 19.5 o, 19.5 o Draw, 20 o
7-wood 21 o, 21.5 o, 21.5 o Draw, 22.5 o, 22.5 o Draw, 23.5 o, 23.5 o Draw, 24 o
  • Colors: Gloss Black/Yellow or Matte Black/White
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect – Black
  • Shaft Options: High launch/mid spin UST Helium 4 (F2 – Lite flex) or mid launch/mid spin MCA Tensei AV Blue 65 (stiff and regular) 
  • Available in RH (LH available in custom) 
  • 20+ premium shaft offerings available through custom at no-charge


3-wood  12.5 o, 13 o, 13 o Draw, 14 o, 14 o Draw, 15 o, 15 o Draw, 15.5 o 
4-wood  16 o, 16.5 o, 16.5 o Draw, 17.5 o, 17.5 o Draw, 18.5 o, 18.5 o Draw, 19 o
  • Colors: Gloss Black 
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect – Black
  • Shaft Option: low launch/low spin Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 (stiff and x-stiff) 
  • Available in RH only 


3-wood  12 o, 12.5 o, 12.5 o Draw, 13.5 o, 13.5o Draw, 14.5 o, 14.5 o Draw, 15 o 
  • Colors: Gloss Black/Yellow
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect – Black
  • Shaft Option: low launch/low spin Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 (stiff and x-stiff)
  • Available in RH/LH 

Women’s KING SPEEDZONE Fairway

3-wood  17 o, 17.5 o, 17.5 o Draw, 18.5 o, 18.5 o Draw, 19.5 o, 19.5 o Draw, 20 o                                                                           
5-wood  21 o, 21.5 o, 21.5 o Draw, 22.5 o, 22.5 o Draw, 23.5 o, 23.5 o Draw, 24 o
7-wood 24 o, 24.5 o, 24.5 o Draw, 25.5 o, 25.5 o Draw, 26.5 o, 26.5 o Draw, 27 o
  • Colors: Gloss Black/Rose Gold 
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect – Black
  • Shaft Options: UST Helium 4 (F1 – Ladies flex)
  • Available in RH/LH (5W, 7W in LH available in custom only) 


  • Cobra SpeedZone fairway woods (in-hand pics)