Cody Rhodes is praising Jim Ross, who was announced as AEW’s newest signee on April 3.

The WWE Hall of Famer is joining Rhodes’ company as an announcer and senior advisor. Many fans saw this coming for quite some time, but nothing was officially confirmed by either side until now. Ross had been contractually obligated to WWE up until March 29 and as soon as he finished up, the rumor mill began turning again.

But those rumors are now confirmed and Rhodes couldn’t be happier about it. His new company is growing every day and now his broadcast team finally has the voice he was looking for.

It‚Äôs very special. He is the ūüźź and he chose to ride with this rebel bunch. To hear his voice describing folks like Sonny, Havoc, Nyla, Jungle Boy, OWE, and so many more is something I really look forward to.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 4, 2019

Indeed, it’s as if Cody is paying respect to JR in the same way that WWE used to. Vince McMahon’s company seemed intent on pushing Ross to the side for years until it finally happened. Every time it appeared that Ross was back in WWE’s good graces, he was gone again.

It was a very bizarre situation for the man that was the voice of WWE for so many years. But now Jim has a new home and a new challenge, both of which he’s anxious to tackle.

“I want to be able to be a role¬†model and a mentor to this young roster. I want to be involved in a physical, athletic presentation where the most important thing in these talents’ lives is wining this match. The¬†opportunity to do something new, to help present¬†something¬†new, with new ides and new blood and a new¬†direction and a new way of looking at pro¬†wrestling, was more than¬†I could pass up.”

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AEW’s first official event as a company is Double or Nothing, which takes place in Las Vegas on May 25. Jim Ross will surely be part of that presentation and it’s obvious that everyone involved is excited to have him onboard.