Dave Lagana recently sat down with the This Is NWA podcast to discuss the ins and outs of the present-day NWA. During the conversation, Lagana talked about the NWA’s openness to doing business with other wrestling promotions. The only promotion they don’t want to work with is IMPACT Wrestling.

Lagana explained thusly:

Transcription via Robert Gunier at Wrestling INC.

“The best way to describe it is, in doing business with people you find out what kind of business they want to do and that’s it. We’re not interested. We’ve done the dance with them, there was a strategic business reason why we did that then and that went fine; they were perfectly professional. There was stuff that happened that is not for public consumption and we’re just not interested because they didn’t seem interested in doing good business…And it’s very give and take by the way – Cody Rhodes knows how to do great business, Joe Koff knows how to do great business, they’re open to ideas. Ya know, it’s like, ‘Listen guys, you see that $20 bill? What if I give you $5 for it?’ That’s how some people want to do business.”

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The NWA had a working partnership with IMPACT back when the company founded as TNA Wrestling in 2002. The NWA and TNA/IMPACT parted ways in 2007.

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This Is The NWA