During a recent interview with the Sky Sports Lock Up podcast, Eric Bischoff admitted he is open to a potential WWE return down the line. Below are some highlights from the podcast with a H/T to Sky Sports for transcribing the quotes.

The former WCW and WWE star admitted that he would be open to a return but there are certain limitations to his abilities:

“A character like mine, there is only so much you can do from a storyline perspective. You can be that heel authority figure which I was for a few years in WWE and WCW, and it’s interesting and it’s fun but after a while you’ve kind of done everything you can do creatively.

“I’m not a wrestler, especially at this stage of my life, I’m not going to be getting physically involved, so the only thing in my toolbox is that of an overbearing heel authority figure. We’ve done that, we’ve seen that, and I think the audience would get tired of that very quickly.”

Bischoff also spoke about returning at Raw 25 and the pop he got from the crowd but added that the nostalgia pop would soon fade:

“When I came out for the 25th anniversary of Raw I got a great reaction and it made me feel very good but as amazing a moment as that was I know after two months fans would want to move on.

Because of that, Bischoff believes if he could return his best role would be to manage a younger talent and be their mouthpiece:

“So I’m pretty realistic about the value my character has now. I’d like to manage someone, a young talent that maybe doesn’t have the mic skills. I think that would be fun because I can still get heat.”

Source :

Lock Up

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