Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from osubuckeyes691 who asked WRXers which lob wedge is suited to handle firm and tight lies from the sand. Our members discuss a variety of different wedges and explain just why they feel their choice is most effective from firm and tight bunker lies.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • SEP106: “My course is the same as sometimes after a hard rain it will take a few days to get them all back to normal. I have the Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges, and they are awesome for every condition. When I have the lies you’re describing I use my 58* with 6* of bounce, don’t open it up and just take a normal swing depending on the distance.”
  • cardoustie: “Vokey T grind my friend .. amazing. Don’t open way up.”
  • Big L: “I am a horrible bunker player but have found the most success with my Mack Daddy Pm grind 58.”
  • uglande: “I have a 62 degree Vokey SM7 (M grind, 8 degrees of bounce) that is money in those situations. Great in firm situations with the blade slightly open, and if the sand is both hard and wet, I’ll square it, or even toe-in and just dig it out.”
  • rt_charger: “If anyone needs a wedge for their next Links golf adventure in the summer when the fairways are as tight and firm as can be – the X low is for you, at a shocking 3 degrees of bounce. Otherwise, don’t ever get it unless you’re ultra-shallow and almost never take a divot.”

Entire Thread: “Best lob wedge for firm, tight bunkers?”

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