Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from TXTrapLord who asks WRXers which clubs they had hit that they were blown away by, either for good reasons or bad. Our members give their detailed insight into the clubs that made huge impacts on them in both positive and negative ways.

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Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • AG12: “TS2 woods for sure. Never played any Titleist woods prior to the TS line and honestly wasn’t even considering them. Went into a PGA SS locally in December of last year and loved the sound, feel and ball flight I was getting from them. Testing the TS woods vs the new offerings this year and nothing beat them for me.”
  • 1Mordrid1: “I will post one to the bad side. After playing Ping G700’s, I could not believe how bad the i500’s were. The G700’s flat out perform and achieve everything a “hollow cavity” iron should. Unfortunately for some, the blade length is just too long, and the sound and feel are not for everyone. The i500 sound was a little better, the feel was better, but the design just makes no sense. A hollow-body iron with a higher CG is negating the whole purpose of a hollow cavity design.”
  • zed: “Epic Flash 3 wood, they nailed it. Evenflow shaft works well with it for me.”
  • Yuck: “S55 irons. Dropped my handicap by more than half in 20 rounds.”
  • TServos: “The only clubs that made me think that the PGA Superstore simulator was maybe accurate are the Ping BluePrint irons. Every swing felt beautiful, and when the simulator showed that I hit a 7 iron 190 yards with a little draw and a 4 iron 220, my first reaction wasn’t ‘yeah, right.’ I’ve played I-25’s for the last 7 years, and I’m looking hard at the Blueprints. But are they really the best iron for a player of my modest skills?

Entire Thread: “Clubs that have completely blown you away, either for good reasons or bad?”