Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from balls_deep who as a high ball hitter, has sought WRXer’s advice on what driving iron may suit him best. In balls_deep’s words, he’s looking for “something that goes straight and is easy to flight high or low when needed and doesn’t want to go left” and a club off the tee which he can use “for shorter par 4s I can knock down and run out but still use on long par 3s and second shots into par 5s around the 220-230 mark.” Our members share their suggestions.

Here are a view posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

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  • jvincent: “I’m going to guess P790 UDI will be the best option. I’m not quite as fast as you but am looking for a similar club, low launch, low spin for off the tee. I’ve resisted pulling the trigger on a few UDIs I’ve seen on eBay. So far.”
  • Lefty96: “I switched to a driving iron this year for the same reasons you’re stating about the hybrid. I would say we are very similar statistically speaking with our ball flights and speed. I added an 18 degree Srixon u85, and it does everything I need it to. I find it very easy to hit both off the tee and the fairway. It’s become a solid 230 club for me. I still launch it fairly high on a normal swing, but it is still lower than my old 18-degree hybrid. If I want to flight it low into the wind, I can make it happen the same way I would my 4 iron which is something I couldn’t do with the hybrid. It’s been a great club. I looked at the tmb but found it much less forgiving. That should be obvious when looking at the size differences, but for me, the slightly chunkier look doesn’t offend me with a driving iron.”
  • Pwood28: “Since you’re already playing a T-MB in your 4 iron, assuming you like it, I’d throw in the 3 iron since height, spin and distance don’t seem to be an issue. I’d also vouch for the UDI as a good choice and throw in the new Mizuno HMB. I recently bought a HMB 3 iron, and it is large enough that it gives you all the confidence in the world to go after the ball, but still retains decent looking lines.”
  • drvrwdge: “Srixon U85 at 20* for me. Its 250ish off the tee and my 235-240 club of the deck. Went Recoil 95 F5. Can flight it, hit it high, turn it over, hold it off etc.. Does everything and is supper forgiving especially on toe side strikes. Had an i500 3i with an AD 95x for a while and it was just tough to elevate off of the deck. Not as forgiving as the U85 either.”
  • wam78: “I hit the u500 last week, and I came away impressed. Fantastic look at address without looking too GI. Felt good out the middle and was pretty easy to hit. If I were in the market probably would have purchased not the spot.”

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