Say hello to Callaway Golf’s newest driver and fairway woods for 2020—Mavrik and Mavrik Sub Zero.

We just spotted the new Callaway Mavrik drivers on the USGA Conforming List, which for those that don’t know, is a publicly available database that allows tournament committees to check the conformity of any club that might be put into play during an event. Every single OEM has to submit each variation of a club to the USGA before it gets deemed legal for competition.

For the new Callaway Mavrik to show up on the USGA List on an “off week” for the PGA Tour, beyond the Tiger Woods’ hosted Hero World Challenge, means that there is a very good chance we could be seeing this in a few bags this week, not just in the Bahamas but on the European Tour as well.

What’s New With The Callaway Mavrik Line?

First up, there is the confirmed continuation of the now traditional Callaway “standard” model along with a lower-spinning, lower-MOI Sub Zero version. What is difficult to tell on either head is the geometry compared to the Epic Flash. If Callaway is going to work along what has been their standard practice over the last couple of years, the new Mavrik should be slightly shallower and longer heel to toe like the Rogue which would offer a total boost to overall forgiveness.

Callaway’s JailBreak face technology is predominately featured on the sole, and again this is an assumption, but with the success of last year’s A.I. designed Flash Face, it would be hard to believe that the team at Callaway would be abandoning that.

The most noticeable difference so far compared to the 2019 Epic Flash is the lack of any movable weight track along the back of both Mavrik driver models. They look to have the same adjustable hosel but no adjustable CG, beyond the potential of move a heavier weight to the rear of the Sub Zero head.

I must admit that compared to the Callaway Epic Flash the new Mavrik drivers look to be trending towards a slightly more subdued overall graphic scheme but that has very little to do with the technology and is just an observation. We have heard unconfirmed rumors that the main accent color will be orange, but until we have a clubhead in hand, this is just a rumor.

Mavrik Fairway Woods

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Just like with the drivers, any technology included in the Mavrik fairway woods beyond what we can see are up to the imagination.

We know that we will have a standard and a Sub Zero model, and that unlike the previous Epic Flash fairway woods, the Mavrik heads will NOT be adjustable at the hosel. The interesting thing about the hosel is that Callaway has been producing non-adjustable versions the standard retail (adjustable) heads on tour for a few years now, and this could mean that as far as fairway woods go, there is potential for increased forgiveness from freed up mass when the adjustability is removed—at that point it becomes a fitting want versus a performance need with either one being the better option depending on the player.

Keeping You Updated

Until more details emerge we will have to continue to speculate, but you can see what other golfers are saying about the new Callaway Mavrik driver and fairway woods in the GolfWRX forums here: GolfWRX Forums: Discussion the All New Callaway MAVRIK