Mizuno has made some big pushes in the driver and fairway wood department over the last couple of years, and 2019 was a big winner with the ST190 and ST190G netting Mizuno its first driver win on the PGA Tour in over a decade.

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It’s looking like 2020 is going to be another big one for Mizuno drivers with the introduction of what could potentially be three new models that we just spotted on the USGA Conforming list—the ST200, ST200X, and ST200G.

Mizuno ST200 Driver

What We Know

Based on the success of the ST190 series, including the ST190G, it looks like Mizuno is sticking to the formula of both a non-adjustable CG driver and one with moveable weights. The wildcard here is the new ST200X, which appears to have no adjustable CG BUT… has some sort of additional mass positioned in the heel to help players square the face easier.

Since these are black and white photos from the USGA conforming list, we can’t confirm if these are multi-material heads with a carbon crown or not, but what we can see in small writing on all three heads in “Mizuno Speedtech” on the toe. This could potentially be some sort of frame stiffener to help with ball speed or another technology to increase the overall forgiveness.

From a looks perspective, it appears that the new ST200 Series could be a bit smaller from heel to toe and—generally when we see that we see a slightly deeper face. This could be based on feedback from the current driver users or a small change in design philosophy as players are looking for a different look from address.

More Adjustability in the G

The one thing we can tell from the picture of the new ST200G is the weights appear to be 11g each in the sliding tracks versus the 7g found in the ST190G. That’s a total 8g of additional mass or—just a smidge under 60 percent movable weight to help alter ball flight as spin. The additional mass in the weights brings me to the conclusion Mizuno engineers must have found some weight savings around the head which could mean either a new structure, internal design, or multi-material to help boost CG adjustability.

From the Source

Although we don’t have any specific details on technology, we did reach out to Mizuno for comment and got a few words from Mizuno’s Chris Voshall on why we are seeing these on the list now, and what to expect.

“The ZOZO Championship is the only “home game” PGA Tour event for Japan Based Mizuno, and with so many of our players in the limited field event it gave us the perfect opportunity to get our entire team together with them and test. The feedback and reactions were extremely positive and with many players asking when they could potentially put them in the bag, we figured it was a good time to submit them to the USGA for testing”

Mizuno ST200X driver

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