Project X has had huge success with the HZRDUS and EvenFlow lines of shafts. This week at the Houston Open, we spotted what seems to be the newest version of the EvenFlow Riptide making its updated and most likely final graphics debut.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Riptide out on tour. We spotted the original EvenFlow Riptide at the Genesis Open and had some details here: GolfWRX Spotted: HZRDUS Green and EvenFlow Riptide

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Although the team at Project X has been very quiet on any in-depth details on the new EvenFlow Riptide, I have some speculation based on my experience.

  • Riptide: Yes, it seems a bit silly to draw a conclusion from just the name itself, but a riptide is a “strong current caused by tidal flow.” Again, it’s a stretch, but since the EvenFlow is known as a softer profile built for feel, this new version could mean either a stiffer overall profile or the addition of new material for extra stability.
  • Time of introduction: What’s interesting about when the Riptide was originally introduced on tour at the Genesis Open way back in February is that it was also introduced alongside the prototype HZRDUS Green Smoke (colloquially known as the Hulk)—one of the stiffest shafts on tour. This again leads to the conclusion that this new EvenFlow Riptide is going to have something to do with either being stiff or being stable.

As soon as we get more details, we will share all of the information and specs with you. Until then, see what other members of the GolfWRX forums are saying here.