We’ll just call this one beauty and the beach.

There is no shortage of signs that Halle Berry doesn’t age and this was just the latest one: The 51-year-old Oscar winner showed off her beyond toned figure in a shot of herself on the beach.

In the black-and-white snap she posted Thursday, Berry stands tall and looks out onto the ocean, wearing a sheer knit sweater over her black bikini. The actress flexes her calf muscles in the sand as she throws her hands behind her head, with her brunette locks blowing in the wind.

“Someday we will find what we’re looking for. Or maybe not … Maybe we’ll find something much greater than that,” she captioned the shot. Just a little motivational mantra—and fitspiration—all in one photo.

In addition to the striking snaps on her Instagram feed, Berry often adds a message of inspiration and/or cheeky commentary for fans. Earlier in the week, the actress posted a shot of herself blissfully smiling next to a sea of sparkles with the caption, “When someone told me I lived in a fantasy land, I nearly fell off my unicorn.”

Same, Halle. Same.