The ‘Halo’ cockpit safety device which the FIA was set to introduce in 2018 has been delayed indefinitely following its narrow rejection by a majority of F1 drivers.

The controversial head protection system, which was researched following Jules Bianchi’s unfortunate accident in Japan in 2014 and trialed last season by F1 teams, was submitted to a drivers vote by the governing body.

The FIA surveyed all 22 drivers but received 16 answers, with 7 voting against it, 5 for it, and 4 abstaining, according to German publication Auto, Motor und Sport.

“The FIA will continue to research alternatives,” correspondent Michael Schmidt wrote.

Or, the FIA could simply force the issue by over-ruling drivers’ opinions and introducing the device in 2018 anyway, on the grounds of safety.

  • FIA keeps canopy safety concept in the cards

Red Rull designed a canopy windscreen concept which has also been evaluated but the system provides less overhead protection in the event of debris or a flying wheel hitting a car, such as the circumstances which caused the tragic death of Indycar driver Justin Wilson.

Speaking at last weekend’s SPOBIS sport business congress in Dusseldorf, world champion Nico Rosberg underlined the progress of safety over the years and the importance it continue.

“It’s impressive how much we’ve improved over the past years,” said the German.

“But unfortunately, two years ago we lost a colleague which was a severe setback for our sport. That’s why we must still try to make it better.”

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