Fashion and photography have shared an intertwining relationship since
photographer Edward Steichen was dared to shoot designer Paul Poiret work
as fine art in the early 20th century. Driven by the direct relationship
between the human body and creative expression, this culmination continues
to fascinate both designers and photographers across the globe.

Therefore the organizers behind Colombia’s latest fashion event – – thought it was only fitting to
ask famed photography Ruven Afanador and avant-garde designer Olga
Piedrahita to come together and created a unique performance piece in
honour of the occasion.

“Their presence at BCapital, as two creative minds coming together to
strengthen the artistic form, marks the opening of an event especially
created for Bogota, a city that loves and breathes fashion,” commented
Inexmoda. “Their performance denotes a historical moment for the story of
Colombian artistic history.”

Together Afanador and Piedrahita created a live-performance piece, which
combined cinematography, photography, music, theater and fashion. During
the live-performance, Afanador shot 50 portraits of individuals within the
fashion industry, including Piedrahita, whilst the designer herself and her
design team crafted garments for the shoot. Outside of the performance
area, projections of the ongoing shoot and fashion films by both Afanador
and Piedrahita were shown to the audience.

Piedrahita’s ensuing collection was later presented to BCapital visitors
during a fashion show, whose creative direction was inspired by
the baroque minimalism favoured by Afanador. This was also reflected in the
garments shown, which were produced from both natural and synthetic
fibers resulting in modern silhouettes and cuts.

“With these disruptive experiences we seek to reconnect the capital with
its creative industries, by creating memorable and historical moment the
public in Bogota within their local fashion system,” added , Executive President
at Inexmoda.

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