Former WWE Superstar, Jack Swagger revealed in a recent interview that he has had brief conversations with Cody Rhodes about joining AEW. Swagger was a recent guest on the Jim Ross Report where they discussed the new company and below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On being excited that AEW is around:

“I could not be more excited about it,” Hager revealed. “I feel like it’s changing the landscape of professional wrestling. It’s providing competition. I know, Jim, you’re like me. I believe competition makes everyone better. So this is great for pro wrestlers. This is great for the boys in the back – it gives them some place to go, it gives them leverage. And it’s great for pro wrestling fans! It gives them different styles and shows the different artistic ways we can tell stories. I can’t put a finger on how guys like Kenny Omega, guys like The Young Bucks, guys like Cody, over the last two years have just become red-hot and just generated so much momentum. They’re just doing the right things at the right times and really making it a great time to be a pro wrestler.”

On having a brief conversation with Cody about signing for AEW:

“I’ve kind of had my nose in training camp since September, so I haven’t talked with them about it too much, but here and there, I will talk with Cody and you can’t help but bring it up. I always think back to what [Chris] Jericho and Kenny Omega did for New Japan [Pro-Wrestling] last year for Wrestle Kingdom. I really feel like they worked everybody, that angle and it was really refreshing to see… it was 2018 at the time, but to see that in pro wrestling where people can still get hooked, still believe it.” Hager said, “I expect nothing but more of that and great matches from these guys.”

Having a new feeling about Titan Towers:

“Of course now, a year-and-a-half, almost two years since I left the company, I have a different perspective than I did at the time when I was first leaving,” Hager reflected. “When I was first leaving, [I was] angry, upset, wanting, want, want, want, and now I look back and there’s a lot that I could have done better to change that outcome. I learned my lesson and I see that and don’t make the same mistake twice. And, honestly, Jim, I’m happier than I ever have [been]. I’m home more with my kids and my family. I love being a dad. I love being a family man.”

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The Jim Ross Report