We understand how it feels to be the last person to jump on the bandwagon. Still, we’re happy that Jennifer Love Hewitt finally joined Instagram and is seeing what all the hype is about. Hewitt’s brand new account launched on Monday, it’s already been verified.

Prior to joining Instagram, Hewitt primarily used Twitter to interact with her fans—and even then, her interactions were a bit few and far between. The actress, who has recently appeared on television shows like Criminal Minds and her latest drama, The Client List, wanted to share a few fun eclipse-related pictures and decided that starting a fresh new social media account was the best option.

Hewitt has already mastered the art of Instagram slideshows, showing she’s an Instagram natural.

Her second photo in that series is actually a quote from Dalai Lama XIV, and we can see why she shared it.

She also shared a photo of her dog, Duke, safely enjoying the view.

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Hewitt also uploaded a video that showcased her pretty incredible cooking skills.

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So, now we know what she’s doing when she’s not on set. Hopefully Jennifer Love Hewitt becomes as obsessed with Instagram as we are, since we’d love to see more about what her life is like. (And of course, more adorable dog photos wouldn’t hurt!)

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