John Cena was recently a guest on Edge and Christian’s podcast, and while he thinks that the current WWE roster is loaded with talent, he also thinks that the current WWE roster doesn’t take enough chances.

In short, he thinks the current WWE roster is far too complacent:


“The amount of complacency is staggering. I mean, these guys are all so gifted and there’s never been a better time, ever, to make a name for yourself in WWE. With all of the platforms that we have, with Raw, with SmackDown, with NXT, we’re increasing our number of pay-per-views, we’re throwing so much content at the Network it’s obscene. We have so many guys who have so many chances I just don’t get it.

“You guys certainly know better than I do because I came in on the tail end of like ‘hey, man, everybody is just going to have to quit for me to even get a chance.’ I got my chance by mistake, and I knew that. You guys were in the thick of it with Rock and Austin and Taker and Triple H and D-X and the show is so freaking stacked you’re lucky to get out there for a couple seconds.

“I think nowadays we have the reverse where the Superstars are in such a ‘well, I’m just going to wait to see what they have for me’ when that’s not what it is. I totally agree with that. You get a rough outline, you get such a basic character sketch, and you get all this freedom to make it your own, and I’m not just blowing smoke. In the promos with me and Roman, I’ve just… when I feel something I’m going to say it. If they react to something, I’m going to poke the bear even more.

“So it’s not like ‘oh, he’s sitting on this high hill and not practicing what he preaches.’ Every single day I go out there and take those chances. That’s the reason why I got to where I was at. It’s the same with you guys. There came a time when you had to stand up and define yourselves. You guys did very, very well at that but nobody wrote that for you guys, that was you.”