Leonardo DiCaprio is lucky to have supportive pals like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel to step in for him at a moment’s notice. The couple just took over hosting duties from The Revenant star to throw a fundraiser for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

People reports that DiCaprio had been set to host a fundraiser with Clinton at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday. However, the Oscar winner is stuck in New York until Wednesday to finish his current project, so he called his famous friends to fill in for him. They immediately agreed and have graciously moved the event to their place.

DiCaprio, 41, who has been a fervent supporter of the Clinton campaign, is in the midst of producing the documentary Before the Flood, which focuses on the effects that climate change has on endangered species, ecosystems, and native communities.

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The documentary features an all-star lineup, including President Obama, Bill Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and Pope Francis, and is expected to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 9.