Who says summer’s over?

Definitely not Kim Kardashian West, who hit Malibu’s picturesque beaches on Monday in one of the boldest swim-ready looks we’ve ever seen her wear. For her outing with assistant and friend Stephanie Sheppard, Kardashian West hit California’s sandy shores in just slightly more than her birthday suit.

The mother of two flaunted her sculpted figure in a black two-piece bikini (shop a similar style here) that’s so tiny it’s almost hard to spot. You may be wondering: Is the bottom piece considered a bikini or, better yet, a thong, which Merriam-Webster defines as “an article of swimwear or underwear consisting of a narrow strip of material that passes between the thighs and connects with a waistband.”


Narrow strip of material? Check. Passes between the thighs? Check. Connects with a waistband? Triple check. The piece is a thong indeed, and we’re giving Kardashian West huge props because if anyone asked me to wear this number I’d run for cover, and not in the sexy way Pamela Anderson managed to do so on Baywatch.

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Back to Kim, though.

In addition to flaunting her everything, she also hit the beach with a striking, hard-to-miss platinum ‘do that we’re particularly obsessed with.

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Earlier this year, she made us turn our heads—really, we almost got whiplash—when she wore a vintage Dior bikini that highlighted her figure in Mexico.

If you need more Kim, don’t forget to relive TEN YEARS of her and her clan’s reality E! show on Sunday, Sept. 24, for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians 10-year anniversary special.