Lauren Graham’s first day back on the Gilmore Girls set was magical in more ways than one. Aside from the novelty of being back in Stars Hollow, the actress told Ellen DeGeneres about a serendipitous moment that happened in her dressing room.

“I have never had an experience like it. It was one of the happiest times of my life, and on the very first day, I was so nervous and I couldn’t decide what to wear because it was the scene where it’s the first time you’ll see my character,” she said.

“I kept changing, changing, changing, and finally I had to go, so I picked something off the rack. It was a little big and my dresser pinned it in the back,” she said. “And so I went to set, had our day—incredible day—and at the end of the day, she knocks on my door, and she said, ‘I have something to show you. I swear I didn’t see this before, but this is the shirt you picked.’”

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Her stylist showed her the tag from her Diane von Furstenberg blouse, and the name of the shirt—given by DVF—was ‘Lorelei Two.’ DeGeneres even broadcast the tag on the big screen, showing off the incredible coincidence.

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“It became such a symbol for me of all the special, magical, incredible things that had to happen for this to come together,” Graham said of the chance pick.

During her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress also showed off her speed-talking skills, proving to be a fierce opponent in a game of “Five Second Rule.” Watch the appearances above.