Fiat-Chrysler CEO and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne says that Formula 1’s management needs to change the way the sport relates to today’s younger, digital-savvy,  generation.

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Formula 1 has traditionally shied away from completely embracing the internet or social media, assuming only a timid and minimal presence.

Bernie Ecclestone himself has always been reticent to the internet, failing to see any overwhelming need to address an audience which he doesn’t believe represents Grand Prix racing’s core demographic.

But Marchionne insists F1’s digital disinterest will only further alienate millennial fans who are already breaking away from the sport because of its overcomplicated rules.

“When a person buys a computer you do not ask how many processors there are on the inside, but you appreciate the performance,” Marchionne said last weekend in China.

“If I had to explain how you make up a power unit, I’d be here for hours and everyone would be bored.

“For the public we can simplify things, and it is a change that needs to be done. The regulations are too complex. You need an opening closer to the people, and particularly young people.

“But this is a subject that concerns FOM. To bring the younger audience, you need to speak their language, and to give proper attention to the digital world.”

While FOM’s promotion of F1 on social media is practically nowhere to be found, teams and drivers have embraced the digital frontier however, with Lewis Hamilton enjoying a huge presence on the worldwide web, mainly through his Instagram and Tweeter accounts.

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