After not being part of the WWE Draft until WWE Backstage where they threw the final names on the shows, Matt Hardy revealed if he regrets returning to WWE.

A fan asked whether or not Hardy regretted coming back, and the WWE veteran made it clear that he didn’t regret the decision, as returning was part of his redemption story.

He continued by stating that he is grateful to WWE and didn’t like how he left in 2010 as he felt he owed them a debt, and he came back and repaid that.

No. I had to return to @WWE to complete my redemption story. WWE made me, I’ll always be grateful to them. Disliked how I left in 2010 & felt I owed #WWE a debt. Came back & repaid it. The WWE employees have treated me great.

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— The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) October 17, 2019