It has been nearly two months since anyone has seen Cecilia Huerta Gallegos alive.

The San Antonio mother was reported missing on July 8 after her husband, Reyes Gallegos, called 911 and allegedly claimed that she had cut him with a knife during an argument. The couple had allegedly been arguing about infidelity, according to a police report first obtained by

Reyes Gallegos told authorities that his wife had run away and not returned. He allegedly claimed to not know her whereabouts.

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But now police allege that the Reyes Gallegos knows more than he’s saying. They arrested the 34-year-old man last Wednesday and charged him with making a false police report, a Class B misdemeanor. PEOPLE confirms that he posted $3,500 bond and was released the following day.

Reyes Gallegos was also charged with assault causing bodily injury in a separate incident that occurred about two weeks before his wife went missing, MySanAntonio reports. The alleged victim in that case is unknown.

According to the recent arrest affidavit which was obtained by the San Antonio Express News, police viewed cameras placed inside and outside the couple’s home. They allegedly showed inconsistencies in Gallegos’ story.

Investigators say the cameras show Cecilia walking into the bedroom she shared with Gallegos on July 7. She never appeared to emerge from the room.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

“After she enters this room she is never seen again on surveillance footage,” the affidavit reportedly states. “Four kids were in the home during this time and the suspect is seen keeping the children away from the bedroom that the wife was in.”

investigators allege that Gallegos turned off his surveillance system for nearly two hours the following morning.

“When video resumes, the suspect is seen going in and out of the bedroom and moving about the house, during this time the children are in their bedrooms,” the report alleges, according to San Antonio Express News.

The affidavit reportedly continues that Gallegos left the house several times in his SUV, and was spotted “unloading two shovels and a chainsaw,” in addition to cleaning supplies and trash bags.

“The suspect’s shirt that he was wearing appeared to be wet with sweat,” the report claims.

The video then allegedly shows Gallegos taking a shower before calling police.

Police say that Cecilia Gallegos hasn’t used her credit cards since she vanished. Her family says she would never have left her children. (She had four kids: two with Reyes Gallegos, and two from a previous relationship.)

Her sister, Mireya Lopez, tells KSAT that Cecilia called family members to warn them that something bad might happen to her — and they now believe she is dead. “We don’t want to accept it,” Lopez says, “but our hearts tell us she’s no longer with us.”