Pasta lovers are serious when it comes to the possibility of endless noodles.

Olive Garden’s new lifetime pasta passes sold out within milliseconds when they went on sale Thursday.

“We’re talking milliseconds, but it feels up there with the quickest,” said Darden Restaurant’s director of brand communications Jessica Dinon to the Orlando Sentinel in a report published on Thursday (Darden Restaurants owns Olive Garden).

“Every year, we see that the sale is over in an instant so it really is hard to know, but without any supporting data, this feels like it’s among the fastest,” she said.

A rep for the restaurant confirms to PEOPLE that all of the available passes were claimed “within a second.”

Olive Garden announced their newest unlimited pasta promotion earlier this week with the introduction of the Lifetime Pasta Pass. The lifetime pass was made available to 50 lucky pasta lovers for $500, granting them the perks of a regular pasta pass, but for life.


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“Olive Garden has always been known for Italian Generosity and making everyone feel like family, which is why we introduced our Pasta Pass five years ago,” said Jennifer Arguello, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden, in a press release at the time the lifetime pass was introduced.

“With the introduction of our new Lifetime Pasta Pass, we’re excited to be a part of our biggest fans’ memories around the table for years to come.”

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There were 24,000 of the $100 Never Ending Pasta Passes available for purchase on Friday, and the first 50 will be able to opt-in to the Lifetime Pass for an additional $400. The lucky few will be notified on Friday, according to the Sentinel.

The regular Never Ending Pasta Passes are valid from September 23 through November 24, so holders of that golden ticket better save room for all the unlimited pasta, sauces, toppings, breadsticks and soup or salad they can eat in those nine weeks. The Lifetime Pass, however, assures holders all the carbs they want for, well, life.