The campaign, which started on 1 July, involves 12 students from three Tasmanian schools – one for each rule.

Each week, the students present a new rule and respective challenge, in the hope of improving road user behaviour and safety. 

The launch video along with the posts for the first three rules have received almost 2,500 views.

The FIA promotes the following road safety rules, with the 13thrule – “Watch out for pedestrians” – being added only recently:

Obey the speed limit Never drink and drive Use a child safety seatAlways pay attentionBuckle upDon’t text and driveStop when you’re tiredWear a helmet Check your tyresStay brightCheck your vision Slow down for kids Watch out for pedestrians

With these rules, the FIA and its Clubs hope to remind motorists of their responsibilities to themselves, their passengers and all other road users including pedestrians and children. The rules are available on the FIA website in 4 languages.

“We all know road safety is a growing issue around the world. Each day 3,500 people are killed on the road, including 500 children. It’s time to make a change”, said RACT Community Manager Will Oakley.

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The RACT road safety campaign will last until 30 September. To know more about it, please visit the RACT website, @RACTOfficial, and the Club’s Member Hub.

Link to the RACT launch video