ROH COO Joe Koff recently spoke with, and below are some interview highlights.

On the legal issues between ROH and WWE over Madison Square Garden:

I think that it’s been probably blown up more than it is. There was conversation, and there was a back-and-forth and it got to a point where there was an impasse that had to be broken up. But the good news was there was continuous discussion [with MSG]throughout the process. And as long as people are in discussion and dialogue, and we can establish some kind of common ground as opposed to compromise, then things can happen. We just had to work through all those things.

Obviously, it is their backyard, and it is their home arena. And I have to tell you, my love for wrestling began in that arena when it was on Eighth Avenue, and I saw my first match there. And I knew there was magic between those four posts and underneath those ring lights and it never left me. So to be able to fulfill this dream, not only for myself but for the fans and for the wrestlers was just penultimate. It was just fabulous.

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On winning the “battle” for MSG, but not viewing the issues between ROH and WWE as a “war”:

It was, but I’m not even using the analogy from a blood standpoint, I’m just pointing out that it was a battle and there was one battle and everybody stood for what they believed in and that’s how the battle was won. [The ROH-WWE-MSG legal back-and-forth] was probably more of a skirmish than a battle, but it was about the belief, and the belief that this was something we believed we should have, that we believed we should be in this building, we believed we had a right to be in that building just based on business. Not based on anything more.

There’s a lot of parties involved in this and the WWE is the least of it. This was really between Madison Square Garden and Ring of Honor. We were able to reach common ground, it escalated a bit, but at the end of the day, I think all parties are really, really happy certainly based on the ticket sales and the results.

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