Punk Featured on WWE Network

CM Punk was prominently featured on the WWE Network this Monday night, as the streaming service was counting down the best moments in WWE Raw history as decided by the fans. Punk’s infamous “Pipe Bomb” segment made it all the way up to number TWO on the list, beaten only by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin attacking The Corporation with a beer truck.

Rollins Pulls Out the Curb Stomp

Seth Rollins managed to defeat Finn Balor in Monday’s WWE Raw main event after a bit of interference from both Jason Jordan and The Club, but “The Architect” busted out a somewhat controversial manuever to win the match. In the closing moments of the show, Rollins hit his opponent with a Curb Stomp, his old finishing move that had reportedly been banned by Vince McMahon several years ago.

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The story, or at least the story according to a 2017 interview with Rollins, is that Vince McMahon saw him representing the company on a popular daytime talk show as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and they aired a video package of all his biggest moves – including the Curb Stomp. The feeling was that the manuever wasn’t a good fit for today’s more family-friendly product.

The other story is that WWE has been involved with an ongoing concussion lawsuit for the last several years, and when the video package of the Curb Stomp aired on daytime television it occurred to the powers-that-be that they probably shouldn’t be glorifying a move that’s basically guaranteed to give opponents some serious head trauma (at least in the fictional world of WWE).

Interestingly, WWE Raw went off the air in a fairly strange way this week, as Finn Balor was visibly shaken up and appeared to not know exactly what was going on. By the way announcers were talking about it and the cameras were focusing on his facial expressions, it’s pretty clear that they wanted to put over the Curb Stomp as a move that took its toll on Balor in the match.