When it comes to looking flawless, Sofía Vergara wrote the book. So when the gorgeous actress offers advice on something as essential as taking the perfect selfie, you better believe we’re all ears.

The Modern Family star teamed up with her look-alike niece and selfie expert Claudia Vergara for an Instagram video (below) demonstrating the art of taking a tempting selfie for us mere mortals. The video is actually a not too subtle promo for the actress’s new Tempting for Women fragrance ($55; perfumania.com), but hey, we’ll take what we can get!

“It’s very important nowadays to know how to take a selfie,” Sofía begins by saying. “The one thing that I know is that you need to have a funny case so that you can hold the phone perfectly and that makes it easier,” she explains, motioning to the makeshift handle affixed to her phone case.

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“What else do we need?” she asks her niece.

“We need lighting, we need angles,” Claudia replies while demonstrating the perfect selfie technique.

“We don’t need a duck face, that’s for sure,” 44-year-old Sofía quips. “She likes doing duck faces, but that’s one thing I don’t understand, no one looks pretty doing this. There is nothing like a smile showing your beautiful teeth.”

“OK, so then we need lighting, and if you have a lot of flowers like us in the background it’s better,” she says as Claudia holds her phone out and snaps a pic of the two of them.

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Voila! Now if only it was really that easy!