Following WWE Fastlane, The Miz took to Twitter to congratulate Randy Orton on his United States Championship victory, whilst taking the chance to take a shot at Finn Balor in the process.

Of course, with Orton’s win over Bobby Roode, he became the latest wrestler to be a Grand Slam Champion, a feat that The Miz has already accomplished. The Miz welcomed Orton to ‘The Club’ on Twitter last night.

In the same Tweet, the Intercontinental Champion took a shot at his own WWE WrestleMania 34 opponents, Finn Balor. Miz noted that it isn’t a club where you wear leather jackets and two sweet each other like you’re in the 90’s, taking an obvious shot at Balor Club.

Congrats on becoming a Grand Slam Champion, @RandyOrton. Welcome to the club…and not “the club” where you wear stupid leather jackets and too sweet each other like it's the 90s.

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— The Miz (@mikethemiz) March 12, 2018

Lance Storm on McMahon’s Working WrestleMania

A fan on Twitter asked former WWE Superstar, Lance Storm his opinion on Vince’s children taking WWE WrestleMania spots away from other wrestlers.

Storm stated that Vince created ‘Mania and without him, there wouldn’t be spots for anybody. He also claimed that WWE fits more of the roster on the card than ever before and that people need to stop complaining.

If not for Vince, there would be NO WrestleMania spots for anyone, and they fit more of the roster on the card than ever before. People need to quit bitching

— Lance Storm (@LanceStorm) March 12, 2018