— The new Men’s Journal magazine features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the cover and a good interview with the Hollywood heavyweight inside. A caption on the magazine cover says, “THE ROCK IS DEAD. Dwayne Johnson & the art of reinventing yourself.”

— TNA’s official website is teasing a “shoot” interview with Sting will air the next three weeks on Impact, starting tomorrow night. The sit-down interview hosted by Mike Tenay will feature Sting “talking about some things he’s rarely discussed on-camera in his career”.

— ABCactionnews.com has posted some video footage of Hulk and Linda Hogan visiting their son Nick in prison on Sunday afternoon. Due to the fact that the prison staff felt Hulk and Linda’s presence would cause a commotion, they got the entire visitation room to themselves.

* NEW PICTURES of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR Training for His Return – He’s Getting HUGE Again!!

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