Melanie “Mel B” Brown may be best known for her part as Scary Spice in the ’90s music sensation the Spice Girls, but these days she has another girl group of her own.

In an interview with People, the singer opened up about life as a working mother, and what her three daughters, Madison, 5, Angel, 10, and Phoenix, 18, think about her Spice Girl days.

While an unnamed member of the family isn’t too appreciative of the ’90s soundtrack loop, the pop star admitted to starting the girls young on a selection of tracks from the era. “I constantly play music around them and Phoenix was on tour with me,” she said. “One of them calls it ‘old people’s music.’ [I’m] like, ‘What are you talking about? It’s ’90s pop. It’s the best genre of music ever.’ “

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Her picks include some of the biggest hits from that time. “That vibe is brilliant,” she gushed. “I listen to my own music all the time and not just my own solos, but Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys—I’m an ’90s R&B pop girl. I’m always going to be like that.”

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As for those reunion tour rumors, Brown was quick to shoot them down, saying: “Everybody is busy and everyone has families.”

But if things change, the star insists, “I would be the first one to be up there!”