Triple H recently hosted a press conference in London, England to announce the NXT UK streaming news, and The Game went on to discuss several topics. Below are some highlights from his conference with a H/T to The Mirror for the transcriptions.

On not wanting NXT UK to feel local:

“Take Pete [Dunne]. If I make him feel like just a local star, I’m doing him a huge disservice. He’s a global star – should be, is now and will be. I’m blowing a lot of smoke at him right now, but he will be a household name world over: I don’t want to make him a local star, I want to make him a global star. That’s the intent.

“To me, the style, the locations, the feel of it is very UK and that’s what I like about the product. So I’m not worried about the semantics. But I don’t want it to feel local.”

NXT UK on the WWE Network:

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“I’m excited. It’s exciting to get going its been something that we’ve been working at for a long time, there’s amazing talent here. I just want to put that out to the world. I want them to be able to show that to the world, so whatever the best way is to do that to the world is how I want it to be.”

On a possible UK WrestleMania:

“I always hear about Wembley, I always hear it was such a massive success: It was not. From a business standpoint, it was not. That’s why we didn’t come back and that’s why we’re still trying to figure it out. But when the time is right, absolutely.

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The Mirror