The King of Dong-Style was taken to Wrestler’s Court this Tuesday night on Impact Wrestling, in a segment that seemed to go out of its way to answer the question, “How can we give Jim Cornette an aneurism?” 

For those unaware, Wrestler’s Court is a decade’s old practice in pro-wrestling where a talent may be called before a portion of the locker room to work out a backstage problem. Generally the locker room leader at the time – for obvious reasons, many of the legendary stories have The Undertaker in this role – would act as a sort of “judge”.

On Impact, Joey Ryan was whisked into a public bathroom inside of the arena, where hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer, or rather Judge Dreamer, welcomed him to Court. Apparently, the ridiculously retro Johnny Swinger has accused him of “breaking kayfabe, killing the towns, and ruining the business”.

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Throughout the trial we saw surprise appearances and “testimonies” from the likes of D’Lo Brown, Madison Rayne, Ace Romero and others. In the end, Ryan was sentenced to face Acey Baby next Tuesday night on Impact.