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WWE has released the following video, featuring Mike Kanellis sitting down with Renee Young to discuss his battle with addiction, and his road to recovery and what he calls a rebirth.

The interview starts of with Kanellis revealing his battle with addiction, and the secret he kept from everyone in his life:

“I recently made the decision to get clean from an addiction to prescription drugs”, Kanellis admitted. “A problem I kept hidden from my wife, my family, my friends, everyone. It has haunted me for almost three years. It really started to spiral out of control this past year and a half, and I almost lost everything. Finally, I decided I couldn’t keep hurting my wife or myself this way, and I was going to get my life back.”

Kanellis is joined by his wife, Maria Kanellis, for the interview, which you can watch in full in the video player below: