After the timing issues of the PROGRESS Wrestling Hello Wembley main event which saw some fans in attendance miss it, the company has shared the full match on Demand PROGRESS for free.

The show in London ended up running slightly over time which saw many fans in attendance forced to miss the main event due to travel so as a goodwill gesture, PROGRESS has shared the entire match. The match, which you can see in full below sees PROGRESS World Champion defend his title against Tyler Bate in what is a fantastic bout.

Just re-watched @WalterAUT v @Tyler_Bate from @ThisIs_Progress #hellowembley again.

It's just out of this world, next level brilliant. A perfect match.

Don't forget you can watch it FOR FREE at right now. you really should.

— Jim Smallman (@jimsmallman) October 21, 2018

Nick Jackson Reveals His Dream Match

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks was recently asked what his dream tag team match would be and he revealed that it would be either The Young Bucks vs The Uso’s or The Elite vs New Day.

Bucks vs Uso’s or Elite vs New Day.

— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) October 19, 2018

Tama Tonga On The New Era

Original Bullet Club member, Tama Tonga tweeted about how he has lived through every era of the faction, from Prince Devitt all the way to now, stating he is looking forward to a new era.

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BulletClub Era:

1. Prince Devitt Era
2. Phenomenal Era
3. Golden Elite Era
4. CutThroat Era

I’ve been through it all and I welcome this new era with an open neck, living on a knife-edge

— 'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga (@Tama_Tonga) October 21, 2018