Japanese forged irons are famous for their quality and precision, but with the Vega Mizar line including the Mizar Tour irons, they can now be known just as much for their technology as their great forged feedback.

The Mizar Tour irons are part of the second generation of Vega’s Mizar line, which also includes the Mizar Plus, a performance-driven game-improvement set. Unlike the Plus version, which features an unsupported maraging steel face, the Mizar Tours are targeted at players looking for performance and feel, so the Tours have a constant thickness (3.5mm) soft carbon steel face for improved feel and shotmaking control.

The Mizar Tour irons are a multi-piece iron, but there is no way you would ever guess that based on their sound or feel—they’re amazingly soft and solid feeling. Indeed, they’re as solid as any single piece forged club I have ever played, and I have played quite a few. On that note, if you are looking for more of a blade-style club, Vega makes those too!

The “secret sauce” of the Mizar Tour is in the way the weight distribution works—designers progressively shift the internal mass for ultimate shotmaking in the set. The progressive weight (as described below) positions a small cavity within the back of the club to precisely locate the CG. This little trick not only creates additional forgiveness but maximizes workability up and down the entire set where you want it.

Even with the shifting cavities, the CG (center of gravity) is still located right in the middle of each clubhead for precise performance. From a club design perspective, one of the often overlooked pieces of the iron design puzzle is the axis of rotation around the shaft and overall blade length. The closer the shaft is to the center of mass, the more face control a player has. Pair that with an iron that has very little offset, and you have the best of both worlds—ball speed and workability.

MP-18 7-iron vs. Mizar Tour 7-iron at address

The topline and total blade length is a smidge thicker and longer than a traditional “blade” iron, but that’s not the point—they should be, they’re not a blade! Vega already has fantastic classic looking blades in their iron lineup and the Mizar line is not designed to compete in that territory, they are a completely different animal and they 100 percent deliver on performance.

The amazing thing that the Mizar Tour irons do, that you’ll very rarely in a set of irons in the “Players Tech” category, is they have an extremely square topline matched with a square toe. This shape is usually reserved for only the smallest of blade and players clubs, but with the Mizar Tour, you get that true players look with technology to help when you might miss a little.

Specs & Availability

When it comes to lofts, undoubtedly yes, the Vega Mizar Tours are strong for a players iron, but the mass shifting and Higher CG (that actually creates spin) keeps the ball flight high and the ball hitting the desired trajectory windows all the way through the set. Even with the longer irons and a moderate clubhead speed, I have no issues elevating the long irons and getting good consistent yardage gapping in clubs.

Mizar Tour Iron Specs

The Mizar Tour irons I tested were shafted with Shimada Tour Mid 115 gram shafts, but like all Vega irons, they can be custom fit and built through any number of available retailers or directly from Vega Golf at Professional Golf Europe Distribution.

The suggested retail price is right around $1,500 USD.


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