There are so many reasons I love having sisters. My wardrobe has more than doubled, for one. But I also have two teammates in life who’ll always be rooting for me no matter what. They know me from beginning to end.

Growing up, we even had a secret language, which would endlessly annoy our two brothers, and we’ve stayed just as close as we’ve gotten older. About 10 years ago, my sister Chioma [below, left] went on a yearlong backpacking trip to Central and South America.

Courtesy Uzo Aduba

Before she left, she gave my other sister, Onyi [above, right], and me each a gold bracelet by the brand Coatt. At first I thought it was just a cute little piece of jewelry, but then Chioma explained that the dots and dashes spell out “sister” in Morse code.

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I loved that it had a hidden meaning—it reminded me of our secret language from all those years ago. When she was away, I wore the bracelet every single day.

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Brian Henn

Now I still put it on whenever I travel because it makes me feel closer to my sisters even though we’re miles apart. It’s understated and cool, and I can’t live without it. Mostly because I can’t live without them.

—As told to Jennifer Ferrise

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