The new North American Champion and Undisputed Era leader, Adam Cole, spoke with Newsweek this weekend regarding if he has had to learn a WWE style since joining.

If it’s hard being cheered as a heel:

“It can be. But I do feel in 2018 that pro wrestling has gone in such a different direction. Before things were so black and white, now it’s shades of grey. It’s not so much good guys and bad guys, there are people who are put in situations who do the right or wrong things, but people react to them like they are stars. And I feel that creates a really cool wrestling show.

“For me, for example, I’m aware lots of times when I go out to perform initially when I come through the curtain, I might get a very positive response, or when I do the ‘Adam Cole, Bay Bay.’ But lots of times during the matches and the performance is unfolding in front of you, lots of times the crowd will boo me and cheer the guy who is the hero. Lots of times they will go along for that ride with you, but the initial excitement and respect they have for getting to see you or liking what you do. I’ve come to terms with the fans being appreciative of what I’ve done over these past 10 years and I’m grateful to them for that, but they also know when I’m being a big ol’ jerk. They’ll let me know it too [Laughs].”

If there’s a WWE style to learn:

“I don’t think so, per se. Don’t get me wrong, wrestling promotions all over the world, certain fans like different things, certain promoters like different things, there’s certain expectations they have. But as for as the ‘WWE style,’ there’s just so many things WWE does so well. It really showcases certain talents to the best of their ability.

“For example, the entire process of WWE—whether it’s the camera work, or the commentary team, or storytelling—my matches are not much different. I’m wrestling in a very similar style that I did elsewhere, it’s just the story and the way it’s being projected to the audience comes off so much bigger, it’s so much larger than life. That’s the one thing that I’ve been able to take away from. Superstars look like Superstars and it’s the biggest thing that I’ve noticed, the way my matches are shot or the way they are talked about. I’ve been pretty similar to what I was doing before, I’ve gotten better in certain things, which is very cool. But as far as me having to adopt a totally new style, I don’t think so.”

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