A lot has gone on in the social media sphere this week. Trump tweeted something we’re still not quite sure how to unpack, Kylie released her newest lip palette, and Justin Bieber continued to be, well, Justin Bieber.

Earlier today, we investigated a very exciting development: a stream of strange, yet exciting, Instagrams posted by the Biebs. I think we summed it up perfectly by simply stating: Justin Bieber is doing something weird on his Instagram account. Weird, yet as intriguing as when our friend JB wore sneaks to the beach … or when he wore … this.

But then, at around 8:45 p.m. ET, Bieber unleashed arguably the most head-scratching Bieber grams of all head-scratching Bieber grams:

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? How did you chip your tooth, Justin??? Are you OK?

Hm … not sure what THAT means but what do your teeth look like now?

OK, cool. Whew.

Stay tuned for more.