Passengers traveling from Florida to New York this weekend were in for a spooky surprise, though it turned out there was no need to panic.

As seen in video footage shared by passengers on Delta flight 100 traveling from Jacksonville, Florida to New York City’s JFK airport, the cabin of the plane was filled with a thick, fog-like mist, which seemed to be coming from the air conditioning vents.

One passenger, Amanda Goncalves, told CNN that the crew members avoided explaining where the mist was coming from, despite waiting on the tarmac for 30 minutes before taking off.

“The flight attendants didn’t really make an announcement, they just said that they were practicing for their Halloween haunted house, and kind of made a joke of it instead of saying like it was from the humidity or condensation,” Goncalves said.

When reached by PEOPLE, Delta said that it is not uncommon for mist to appear as a result of cooler air in the cabin meeting the humid air outside. CNN reported that the airline said that the mist did not require a report to the FAA.

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“I have never seen it that thick before,” said Alan Yurman, a retired national transportation safety board investigator, to CNN.

“When the air conditioning system is turned on, and you’ve got cold air meeting whatever temperature the cabin was, [it results in] condensation,” Yurman said.

“I’m not a nervous flyer, per se — neither were the people I was with, thank God — but I think if you are somebody who is already anxious to get on a flight, and you didn’t necessarily know, I think it could have really caused some more insecurities with flying,” a passenger told CBS station WLNY.

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“And then they were saying get ready for take off, and it could have definitely caused some anxiety for some people,” they continued.

The outlet echoed Yurman’s remarks, reporting that weather experts said that the mist was condensation formed by moisture in the air that cools and becomes humidity, similar to how clouds form.

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