Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from MelloYello who has been thinking about swapping his 3-wood for a 7-wood. MelloYello feels his 3-wood is the odd man out in his bag and has asked WRXers for their thoughts on what the addition of a 7-wood could add to his game. Our members have been sharing their opinions and insights on the matter.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Z1ggy16: “Doesn’t Keith Mitchell use a 7w? Dude is one of the longest on tour. I think more than anything it has to do with what flight you want to see, and the purpose of the club how your club delivery. My guess is he never uses it off the tee (or in very limited cases, like ultra-long par 3’s) and it’s purely for par 5’s. Maybe he’s a big de-lofter of that club, so he gets a nice penetrating flight but with enough launch to stop it quickly on greens. Maybe a long iron just wouldn’t spin/launch enough for him. It’s probably one of those things you’ll need to buy used off eBay and try it out for yourself; I’ve never seen 7 woods in store.”
  • bulls9999: “I have a Callaway Heavenwood (7-wood), and it’s as my 5-wood, I think because I can get it up so high it just carries more, but it’s so easy to hit. My 3-wood is getting jealous in the garage closet; I take it out for a spin on the range before play every now and then, but it never makes it onto the course. Last Sunday, my 4 best shots of the day were all with the 3-wood…. 2 par-3’s, a par-4 where I was in parallel fairway and went over a pond and a stand of trees and onto the green, pin high; another was 18th hole, 200 yards to green, downwind, landed on front edge but rolled out to back of the green. I’m hardly ever on that green in 2. I wish I can find a hybrid that I can hit as easy as that 7-wood.”
  • ephmen: “Low ball hitter, love my 7 wood! Ping G25.”
  • dmeeksDC: “Definitely can get you great results, but in my experience the stronger the player, the more you have to find the right shaft to get the flight you want with a 7 wood. A lot of these clubs seem paired with shafts designed for players who need launch help with all clubs. I put a tipped 72 gram stiff Accra RPG Z shaft in a Titleist 917 7 W (21 degrees), and that stopped the moonshots. Don’t need to hit this club hard. Stock swing, and it goes high and long, will stop quickly on a green. I think one key is to swing them smooth like a 7 iron. If I get after it, it just goes higher, not really longer. I like it better than a hybrid or clunky driving iron, and I’d only pull it if I found a hollow-headed iron like the p790, Cobra Forged Tec, Maltby TS1/TS2, Mizuno HMB, etc., that I could consistently hit as far. But I’m all woods and irons, no more hybrid.”
  • uglande: “Just pull the trigger on the 7 wood and then wait to make your next move after putting it through its paces. I love my 917 F2 4-wood and 7-wood. The 7 was my favorite club in the bag the past two seasons. It’s not going anywhere.”

Entire Thread: “Medium-long hitters using a 7-wood?

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