The world needs more selfless heroes like this man caught on a dash cam saving a kitten from certain death.

According to ViralHog, the man in this video was behind the wheel in Sargatskoye, Russia, when he noticed an orange kitten crossing the street.

Clogged with traffic, this street was no place for a tiny feline.

In the video, you can see the kitten come scuttling across the road from the left side. The orange cat is almost across the street, when it decides to stop in front of the back tire of a car sitting in front of the vehicle with the dash cam filming the moment.

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Likely sensing this was a precarious position for the pussy cat — a position that could quickly become fatal — the driver of the car with the dash cam jumps out of his vehicle, tries to get the attention of the driver in front of him and then ultimately decides to stick his hand under the car as it starts moving so he can pluck the kitten out of danger just in time.

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The whole rescue only takes a few seconds, by it can seem like an entirety to any animal lover watching the clip above.