Following public scrutiny of the attire she donned to depart for Houston post-Hurricane Harvey, Melania Trump toned things down as she stepped back into a hurricane disaster zone, this time in Florida in Irma’s aftermath.

As she hopped off Air Force One with President Donald Trump, the First Lady skipped the stilettos and Top Gun-esque ensemble this go-round and opted for lower key digs.


While she boarded the plane in a black button-down sweater, light khaki-hued cropped pants, and coordinating Chanel flats (above), she switched things up before exiting the plane, opting for a khaki green button-down top and white jeans.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty

Melania completed her ensemble with a white baseball cap, gold aviator shades, and white sneakers. While there was some buzz on social media about her wearing white after Labor Day—and into a disaster zone—the convos were much tamer than they were during her trip to Houston.

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