Scarlett Johansson’s box-office successes have earned her a spot in the history books. The Avengers star was named the highest grossing actress of all time by Box Office Mojo, raking in a staggering $3.33 billion in the United States alone over the course of her career.

The site released an updated list of the highest-grossing film stars, which finds 31-year-old Johanssen sitting pretty in the 10th spot. Not only is she the sole woman to break the top 10, but she’s also the youngest person to rank that high. Hollywood heavyweights Harrison Ford ($4.87 billion), Samuel L. Jackson ($4.65 billion), Morgan Freeman ($4.43 billion), Tom Hanks ($4.34 billion), Robert Downey, Jr. ($3.94 billion), Eddie Murphy ($3.81 billion), Tom Cruise ($3.59 billion), Johnny Depp ($3.37 billion) and Michael Caine ($3.34 billion) fill out spots one through nine.

The second highest-earning woman on the list is Cameron Diaz, who’s holding it down in 19th place with a gross of $3.03 billion. Helena Bonham Carter is the third woman on the list, coming in at No. 26 with a cool $2.82 billion behind her.

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Johansson no doubt owes much of her commercial success to Marvel comic book blockbusters like The Avengers (her highest earning film), its sequel Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War, which have collectively garnered well over a billion dollars.