During a Friday afternoon teleconference with members of the media, Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) responded to a question from the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Melzter regarding recent reports of NXT moving to FS1, with the latest news being a possible two-hour live show that would compete head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling’s newly announced Wednesday night block on TNT.

“The Game” neither outright confirmed nor denied whether the move to FS1 was happening of course, remaining intentionally cryptic on the subject – and he even stated as much. However, when addressing the idea of WWE trying to “counter-program” AEW, Levesque did somewhat emphatically insist that NXT was at home on Wednesday nights far before any potential competition, and that WWE is focussed solely on “worrying about doing our business”.

“At the risk of being cryptic… There’s always planning. There’s always a changing landscape. The internal discussion of where content goes is a constant. We have this wheel of options of distribution that we have, whether it be television, or Facebook, USA or Fox. Then there’s our digital presence, as you know – a billion social media followers, #1 channel on YouTube for sports, #2 overall in the world for anything on YouTube. And then VOD with our Network. Where you put content is at all times up for debate. There’s plans over the short-run, and there’s plans in the long-run. So when it comes to NXT, the reason I talk cryptically is that there’s a lot of thoughts and ideas out there, but we’re constantly debating where things go and land. There’s a lot of thought that goes into all of it, because they all effect each other, and you want to put the right amount of stuff on each one of those pieces of the wheel, to make sure you’re getting the maximum out oof out all of them.”

“Contrary to what I’ve heard – you hear people speculate, and the conversations surrounding FS1 with NXT. People come in with ‘counter-programming’ talk. We have content all over the place, and if people want to bring up counter-programming in the conversation – Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever. That’s where it’s sat. When other people announce Wednesday, you don’t hear talk about counter-programming, you just hear the announcement. For us, everything is ‘counter-programming’. We plan things long in advance, and worry about doing our business.

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